Why Are We Unique?

Exceptional Results

DaileybytheSea has a proven track record of success. From our very first year in south Orange County, the Suzi Dailey Group at DaileybytheSea has broken sales records and achieved award winning objectives. Our outstanding sales results are recognized within the industry and by our peers. We have carefully structured our marketing efforts to achieve the maximum results for our clients. We conduct formalized meetings within our group to review strategies, keep abreast of legal changes with regards to the contract, analyze sales techniques, problem solve, and network. These meetings give our clients the benefit of the combined experience of all of our agents on the team. We review the goals and objectives of each and every one of our clients, and collaborate to provide the best solutions to deal issues on an ongoing basis.

Combined Experience

With an attorney on our team, as well as over 50 years of combined Fortune 500 sales experience, our agents at DaileybytheSea have a wealth of experience. This experience cannot be underestimated. When it comes to negotiating a contract, understanding the needs of our buyers and sellers, and perceiving the best strategy for a property and client, DaileybytheSea provides consistent value for their clients in many areas. We make an effort to collaborate on each of the properties we represent, so that each and every client gains from the combined experience of the team. Every escrow and negotiation is different, and the strategies are critical to reaching a satisfactory close. Too often an inexperienced agent tries to make the process adversarial, which can only harm the deal. We at DaileybytheSea value the diplomacy and structure of a smooth transaction. It is much easier on all parties to have a pleasant and smooth transaction.. Real estate transactions can be highly emotionally charged. Often their home is the most valuable asset for an owner. So the process can be stressful.

We are very proud of our agents, and their combined knowledge and experience. We have been called upon to speak at panels, interviewed for magazine articles, and have been the recipient of numerous awards.

Technology Teams

We would all agree that the world is in a constant state of change. Today, 90% of real estate searches are online. No longer do we just open a newspaper and stroll through the ads. We search online. At DaileybytheSea we use several technology teams to stay on top of the fast-paced ever-changing world of real estate searches. If there is one thing we know, change is constant, and we want to be in the forefront of best technology practices. That takes effort, constant training, and collaboration with specialists in all areas of media and internet reach.
DaileybytheSea has been an early proponent of the power of video, and we have two video teams to help us produce state-of-the-art production quality videos. One of our teams is a Russian group from Beverly Hills and one is local. The quality of our films is outstanding. The drone videos we produce fly the cameras not only above the property and surrounding area, but also inside our properties – through our homes. This helps buyers better evaluate a home they are considering, especially when they live out of state or out of country.
Additionally, we have two copywriter teams who help us gather information for our weekly newsletter, so that our clients can stay abreast of all the local real estate news and Featured Listings in our area. We also have a Social Media team who assist in keeping our name top of mind in the social media world.
We continually attend real estate seminars, broker meetings and participate in interpersonal training to keep our knowledge and use of technology systems cutting edge. This is no small commitment. It takes time and effort to devote this level of energy and resources to training and excelling.
Lastly, we have several proprietary methods we use to capture buyers. We devote immense resources to this strategy.
In DaileybytheSea we have demonstrated our consistent success over the years and we have proven results, time and again, from our methods.

Outstanding Collaboration and Networking

At DaileybytheSea we are committed to achieving the highest results for our clients. Often these results are from the continuous efforts to “solve the puzzle” for our buyers and sellers, and find the right piece to provide the solution for them. That means networking with agents to understand what their buyers are looking for, so that perhaps we can match that buyer with our seller. Or vice versa.
DaileybytheSea has an immense collaboration strategy that benefits our clients. We take this strategy very seriously. It is a significant tool in the marketing of our properties.
Often a buyer may have several different objectives. A seller may have flexibility in terms of timelines, or financing, or specific amenities that their home provides. Matching the two can be an art. Analyzing the issues and objectives of each client and finding a solution can be highly beneficial to our clients.
Our team has such a vast wealth of experience in terms of law, Fortune 500 marketing, and business experience, that the added value of the input from our entire team is impossible to measure. There is no way that this team can be matched by a single agent. We are all striving to learn every day, and we participate in training and sharing knowledge from the experience of each other’s backgrounds and education.

Superb Client Service

DaileybytheSea strives to provide superior customer service every day. Buying and selling a home can be a very emotionally demanding process for both the buyer and seller because all clients have a strong sense of “value” and what personalized service means during this very critical and stressful time.
We are committed to assisting our clients through this process to mitigate the challenges. We use electronic document signing to save our clients the effort of trying to fax, print, sign and scan volumes of paperwork. We provide courier services, help handle home oversight and care during the listing process, provide trades to assist with home repairs, and recommend experts to help provide guidance in tax and legal matters where necessary. There is no task too small for us at DaileybytheSea. Each and every client is very important to us, and we want to address all the processes that are important to them.

Integrity, Professionalism, Diplomacy

Other agents are constantly complimenting us at DaileybytheSea as to how we handle our showings and transactions. Within our industry, trust is very important. It is critical to have the agent community trust us and like working with us because that increases our showings, and as a result helps our clients. We make every effort to be inclusive of all agents. There is plenty of business for all. We much prefer to cultivate a relationship and reputation for trust as that will ultimately help our clients.
Not only do we try to help our clients, but often we are in the position of educating an out-of-area agent on our communities. That may involve driving prospective buyers and their agents to schools, around neighborhoods, or walking them out to a beach access point. When an agent arrives here from Los Angeles or the inland empire, it can be daunting for them. Helping an agent find their way around helps the agent help their clients, which in turn can help close a transaction. We want our buyers to not only fall in love with a home, but to fall in love with the area where the home is located. Our Client Service doesn’t just start and stop at the front door… it encompasses engendering appreciation for the community with both agents and buyers.

Global Connections

DaileybytheSea has had a remarkable track record of sales to international buyers. In recent weeks we have closed deals with global clients from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and China as well as from clients from across the Untied States including Texas, Nevada and Maryland.
We have been a guests of some of the most lovely and hospitable clients in the world, and have flown to the United Arab Emirates twice. We believe that it is critical to make our foreign buyers feel welcome. This is a critical part of global inter-relations as visitors from all over the world seek the fun, beauty and welcoming nature of our sunshine communities, no matter what a person’s culture, background or faith.
Our attitude at DaileybytheSea is one of constant gratitude for the blessings and opportunities to meet these incredible people from all over the world and to help them with their real estate needs.

Giving Back

Whether we are picking up trash on the beach or assisting with putting on a huge fundraiser for a good cause, DaileybytheSea believes in every person’s opportunity to give back to the community. Whether we serve on a board, involve ourselves in pet projects, rescue a sea lion, participate in politics or serve food to the homeless, DaileybytheSea associates are constantly giving back in small ways.
A few areas of our care and attention:
Homeless Shelter of Laguna Beach
Orange Coast Charitable Organization
Farahani Medical Clinic in Managua Nicaragua
World Vision
National Mulitple Sclerosis Society
California Youth Services
Pet Rescue Newport Beach
Mammal Rescue Center Laguna Beach