Success Stories and Miracles in Real Estate ®

Miracles in Real Estate ®

Look for your Daily miracles.

I see Miracles all around us, every day, and unless you look for them and acknowledge them in your own life, you may miss appreciating the beauty these Miracles bring!

Share your Real Estate miracles with me! Write your stories to me. I will post them for you. If you can include a photo, even better!

Here is one of my very first Miracles in Real Estate. This was a biggie, and it is absolutely true!

I had been a licensed agent for only a few months, and I spent my days in continuous training, going to homes, previewing, and trying to learn as much about the current inventory of homes on the market as I could.

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Miracles in Real Estate ® - "The Whole Transaction was a Miracle"

As I was heading out on the beach trail one day for a run, a woman passed me in an amazing t-shirt. I said, “Wow, your t-shirt is beautiful and I love the phrase on it!”

She paused on the path, and said, “Oh, thank you! Actually, I made it!”

I said, “You made it? That is so gorgeous! How did you do that?” (The design was striking and it bore a message of faith.)

She said, “Well, I’m an artist. I just… ” (and she explained the process she used to make it).

I said, “Thank you for sharing that with me. It is really spectacular. You are very talented.”

She said, “I’m actually doing some faux painting for the home at #XX. As a matter of fact, the owner is a woman of faith also.”

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