Vickie Kruhmin is a respected and accomplished real estate professional specializing in luxury property sales in coastal Orange County. Recognized as a “Top 100” agent for more than 12 years, she has earned clients’ loyalty and colleagues’ respect for her integrity and service, and for ensuring that even the most complex transactions are satisfying experiences.

Kruhmin’s attention to detail is fundamental to achieving clients’ goals. She develops unique strategies based on market trends and insight gained from more than 30 years of living in the area. As part of Suzi Dailey’s prestigious realty team, Kruhmin also offers access to professional networks in development, renovation, design, and more. In addition, she fosters seamless purchases and sales with her strong negotiation skills and consistent communication with clients and their financial and legal teams.

Prior to a career in real estate, Kruhmin held management positions in the airline industry, overseeing sales and logistics. She also traveled extensively, cultivating an understanding of international business relations and customs. Today, these experiences benefit clients locally and around the world who are purchasing and selling properties in southern California’s most desirable luxury markets.