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MDG Estates – A Great Real Estate Stager for Your Home

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A few decades ago, no one would have bothered about ‘staging’ their home before it was put on the real estate market. Hiding away the pets and some basic scrubbing was usually more than enough. And of course, that all-important “for sale” sign! However, things are not the same any more.Home sellers may have access to the best real estate brokers and still find it difficult to sell their home. Modern day lifestyles have completely changed how we function as a society and technology has had an impact on just about everything, including real estate.

The changing trends have raised standards and first impressions have become everything. No one has the time to visit a property the second time, so if someone didn’t like your house the first time, it’s usually a no-go. This is where a home stager comes into play. What is staging, you ask?

Well, staging is basically the art of making your property look more attractive and appealing to your target audience and those in the real estate market. Think of your home stagers as interior decorators. They choose the most suitable colors, fabrics and furniture at the least possible cost to make your home feel “friendlier” to those who come in to buy your property. Your home stager isn’t just focussed on creating a home that suits your personal preference, but is also concerned about making your home appeal to a broad range of tastes.

One of the best stagers for all your staging needs in Southern California is MDG Estates. This reputed firm boasts of having decades of experience, iron-clad principles and a solid foundation of the right people. They offer the best high-end staging experience to prepare your home for the Southern California real estate market. MDG Estates is entirely committed to excellence in design and superior client relations, and the sense of consistency and quality you see in homes staged by them is unparalleled.

MDG Estates is also your best bet for luxury real estate staging. Staging almost 150 properties on the real estate market each year, they have all the experience you need before you plan to sell your home. Apart from luxury real estate stagings, MDG Estates can also offer valuable interior design tips for your property. Their team of designers can easily recommend and advise on the best solutions and an array of design, décor, fabrics and furnishings that compliment your needs as well as preferences.

Sellers have often said that they don’t want to pay extra for staging before selling a house because it is very expensive. However, the cost of staging is far lesser than the first price reduction you may be forced to bear in the real estate market if your house wasn’t staged. Moreover, staged houses spend about 88% less time on the market. Do you still need a reason to take a second look at staging before selling your home?