Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s isn’t your everyday farm. It is an entertainment extravaganza that presents dozens of shows, attractions and rides in five uniquely themed areas. Considered to be one of the top places for some family fun, Knott’s Berry Farm presents world-class thrills on a silver platter, umm, Silver Bullets! This suspended coaster is the first-ever of its kind in the park and certainly the most popular one. La Revolucion is another exciting ride that swings you over 6 stories high and leaves you salivating for more. Mutants may not exist in the real world, but you can surely feel like Riptide by soaring your body 59 feet in the air and flipping head over heels at Rip Tide. And if a ride on Rip Tide leaves your throat parched and dry, hop over to Supreme Scream to ride on one of the tallest thrill rides on the planet.

If thrill rides are not your scene, head over to Ghost Town, modeled after the California Boom Town of the 80’s. The buildings have actually been transported from old world mining towns of the US. Ghost Town hosted the first log flume ride in the world as well as one of the longest roller coasters in the world, GhostRider. But enough of that. While the kids go hunting for thrill, you can go hunting for an entirely different kind of thrill – “panning” for real gold!

After a trip to Ghost Town, head over to Fiesta Village, a tribute to the rich Spanish heritage of California. Fiesta Village hosts some of the most popular rides of Knott’s, so expect a huge crowd here. Jaguar and Montezooma’s Revenge are the area superstars and genuine mariachi bands can also be seen entertaining crowds right through the day. Oh, and if you’re in love with Mexican food, this is the place to be.

Camp Snoopy is a special land which is just for your kids. With the launch of Camp Snoopy, Knott’s became the first theme park on the planet to have a special ‘land’ for children. The area is themed around Charles Schultz Peanuts characters and is home to more than 30 child-friendly attractions. However, there are a few rides such as the High Sierra Ferris Wheel, Charlie Brown Speedway and Timberline Twister that saves parents from feeling left out. Snoopy and the gang can also be found hanging around with kids and posing for photos and selfies here.

Finally, don’t forget to spend some time at Wildwater Wilderness, home to one of the most popular rides at Knott’s Berry Farm, Big Foot Rapids. This thrilling raft adventure leaves you soaking wet as you get some whitewater rafting experience in the largest man-made whitewater river on the planet. Another place worth checking out is the Mystery Lodge, home to the magical and fantastical Native American tales and stories.

Other themed areas include The Boardwalk, home to typical Californian seaside amusement pier styled attractions, arcade games and laser tag. Adults can also visit the Charles M. Schultz Theater to enjoy Broadway-style productions by talented dancers and actors; and Indian Trails, the place which hosts most of Knott’s restaurants and shops.