Any trip to Anaheim can never be complete without exploring the fun rides and amusing wonders of Disneyland. Walt Disney had once said that Disneyland would never be complete. After all, how can you imagine the ‘happiest place on earth’ to make kids happy if it offers the same attractions and the same rides year after year! The magic of Disney started here and spread to different corners of the world, but this original theme park is still the most special of them all. It presents world-class entertainment, timeless attractions, themed lands and exciting surprises at every turn and ensures that it treats each child like an adult and every adult like a child.

Main Street USA is where it all begins. The moment you come across this fabled entrance, you’re transported to a bygone era and old-world architecture. There is a traditional Disney store to buy all types of Disney memorabilia as well. Move past Main Street as quickly as you can for the real magic is waiting for you in one of those specially-themed ‘lands’.

Start off your Disney adventure with Fantasyland, located beyond the Sleeping Beauty Castle. This is where your favorite heroes and villains come to life. Dive into the enchanting worlds of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White or fly over London with Peter Pan.

Once you’ve had your fill of your childhood heroes, visit Tomorrowland, a place that brings out the scientists and explorers in you. Search for aliens in the deepest corners of space in Space Mountain or prevent the bad guys from invading your planet at Buzz Lightyear Astro Blazers.

Mardi gras and carnival lovers will fall in love with New Orleans Square, the only place on the planet that parties all year long. Become a ghostbuster at the Haunted Mansion or give Johnny Depp a.k.a. Jack Sparrow a run for his money at Pirates of the Caribbean. Who knows, someone might pick you for the next movie!

Adventureland takes you on a Lara-Croft-like adventure through lost temples and dark jungles at the Indiana Jones Adventure and The Jungle Cruise. And if this isn’t enough, head over to Frontiertown, a living museum that recreates the Old West. Frontiertown is also home to one of the most popular shows in Disneyland at the Golden Horseshoe Stage. Other things to do in Disneyland include the backwoods of Critter Country, famous as home to Winnie the Pooh, and Mickey’s Toontown, an interactive metropolis that is full of funny sculptures, wacky taxis and Disney characters.

Parades, fireworks and pyrotechnics are also a part of your Disneyland adventure. Try timing your trip to hit pre-scheduled events and reserve a spot at your favorite restaurants in advance to maximize your experience.

Come with your family, treat your kids to this magical wonderland, watch fantasy stories coming to life all around you, bring your imaginations to life and create memories that usually last you a lifetime.